Looking back...

A program from Today at Apple and ATÖLYE, aiming to look at Istanbul with fresh perspectives

Check out our article to read what we encountered on this journey, which we started with the following question: “How can we create a program that inspires, engages, and connects participants?”

A Corner ın the World
Ah! Kosmos
Herkes için mimarlık
CAN Büyükberber
Esmİyor Podcast
Gökçe İrten
Memed Erener

Perspektif İstanbul


Today at Apple and ATÖLYE, with its hands-on session series, presented a program that combined technology with creativity, aiming to bring about new perspectives towards the city, and celebrating urban culture all at the same time.

Take a look at our story.


Creative Fluidity

Friday, October 20

More Than I Want to Know About I

Piknik Works

Join Piknik Works for their performance More Than I Want to Know About I for the first session of Perspektif Istanbul.

Creative Fluidity

A playful look into multidisciplinary and ever-changing creative practices.

Creative Fluidity

Wednesday, October 27

Miniature New World

Murat Palta

Learn how to create a futuristic world using elements of miniature art with Murat Palta.


Sunday, October 31

Art Walk: Encounters

A Corner in the World

On your weekend walk, join performance collective A Corner in the World, and prepare yourself to encounter surprises on a unique route.


Sunday, November 7

Music Walk: Catch the Sounds of the City

Oğuz Öner

Embark on a journey to create your own rhythms with sound designer and researcher Dr Oğuz Öner.


Honor the diversity and creativity of the city.

Creative Fluidity

Thursday, November 11

Collage Self-portraits

Sinan Tuncay

Create a moving portrait based on collage techniques, which make up the foundation of Sinan Tuncay’s practice.

Creative Fluidity

Saturday, November 13

A Journey Towards Broadcasting a Podcast

Esmiyor Podcast

Meet Derin Altan and Utku Güven, the duo behind the climate change Podcast series Esmiyor, and hear from them about their journey.

Creative Fluidity

Sunday, November 14

Make a Book

Gökçe İrten

In this session, we invite kids between the ages of 6-11 to create a monster drawing using Procreate on iPad.

Tech for Good

Calling out novel practices in tech, and the positive social impact it can create.

Tech for Good

Wednesday, November 17

Utopia Neighborhood

Architecture for All

What should future neighborhoods be like? Imagine and design a future neighborhood together with Architecture For All.

Creative Fluidity

Thursday, November 14

Constellation Calligraphy

Memed Erdener

During the session with Memed Erdener (aka. Extramücadele), play with words, change them, bend them and combine them using Procreate on iPad.

Creative Fluidity

Saturday, November 20

Animated Monsters

Meltem Şahin

Inspired by her own experiences, illustration artist Meltem Şahin invites everyone to draw their own monsters.

Tech for Good

Wednesday, November 24

New Dimensions

Can Büyükberber

Explore different dimensions of the digital world with Can Büyükberber, who brings scientific research together with art and design in his works.

Creative Fluidity

Thursday, November 25

Transform Sounds into Music

Ah! Kosmos

Make music with Ah! Kosmos, who produces performative works based on spatial sounds.

Sunday, November 28

Augmented Reality

Nurbanu Asena

Transform Nurbanu Asena’s illustrations into 3D AR sculptures using Adobe Aero and Procreate on iPad.