Art Walk


A Corner in the World

October 31 Sunday
13:00 – 15:00
Apple Bağdat Caddesi

Past Event

On your weekend walk, join performance collective A Corner in the World, and prepare yourself to encounter surprises on a unique route. Using the Clips application on an iPad, shoot a video of this experience and learn how to edit them by adding visual effects and music. Be a part of the performance while you unleash your creativity with the videos you’ll make.

Moderator: Emre Erbirer

A Corner in the World

Performance Collective

A Corner in the World is an independent collective that curates various experiences related to performing arts and similar fields. They aim to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of cities, societies, and artists themselves through the use of different disciplines and cultural collaborations and interactions. Hoping to move beyond the conventional ways of experiencing—and creating—art, they work and create in a myriad of locations with several individuals to bring about new multidisciplinary practices, in Turkey and across the globe.

“In our work, we heed to inclusiveness and encourage the visibility of the underrepresented. We support productions in contemporary performing arts and related fields as well as the creative processes of independent artists through diverse creation and co-production programs.”

Emre Erbirer

Creative Hub Lead