Online Studio

Augmented Reality

Nurbanu Asena

Sunday November 28
18:00 – 19:30

Past Event

Transform Nurbanu Asena’s illustrations into 3D AR sculptures using Adobe Aero and Procreate on iPad. During this event, illustration artist and animation director Nurbanu will share her insight about the idea behind her work; inspired by daily events, produced in a digital environment, and experienced through AR. You will be able to generate a QR code and share this experience anytime you want.

Moderator: Tuğçe Akbulut

Nurbanu Asena


Nurbanu Asena is an independent animation director and illustrator. She produces films and story-based media work focusing on issues ranging from psychology, sociology, women, and children. She completed her undergraduate at New York Parsons Design School in the Department of Design and Technology. She then completed her Master’s degree at London’s Goldsmith’s University as a Chevening scholar. Her short films have been a part of several local and international film festivals; she has won the SIYAD Award. Nurbanu has recently started focusing on the interactive media fields where technology and art meet one another; she continues producing work within the scope of Adobe’s AR-focused creative residency program.

“I produce visuals, film, and media work on issues ranging from psychology, sociology, women, to children. I like to produce colorful and interactive works that answer the questions that bog my mind in daily life, that make the experiencer curious.”

Tuğçe Akbulut

Impact Focused Designer