Perspektif İstanbul

Incomprehensive digital accelaration driven by the current state of affairs has created a sense of isolation, inadequate support, and monolithic discourse. This is where we understand the importance of creative communities to cultivate human connection, foster a dialogue and emit a sense of inspiration. Whilst we are observing existing physical boundaries disintegrate, we are also coming across both new limitations and possibilities.

In a metropol like Istanbul, where chaos rules, we love that these possibilities are instrumental in finding inspiration. As they say; “Istanbul, they call it chaos, we call it home”.

Stories, sounds, and images weave and express culture to spark our curiosity, and take us away on grandiose journeys of imagination embedded in creative polyphony. As creativity nourishes across the globe, we emphasize the importance of the local community and harnessing new possibilities through creative discourse.

Through the “Perspektif İstanbul” program, Today at Apple and ATÖLYE are focusing on new discoveries thanks to the communities invested in fostering creative fluidity, honoring the city, and embracing technology for a good cause. Through creative discoveries, we hope to pave the way for new, fresh and different perspectives towards the city we live in, the spaces we occupy, and most importantly, towards one other. Through changing our perspectives, we are able to change our realities. So, let’s discover together a new perspective and celebrate our creative potential.


Creative Fluidity

A playful look into multidisciplinary and ever-changing creative practices.

  • Learning and making sessions by multidisciplinary creatives.
  • Freedom of expression for artists to reflect their fluid practices.
  • Online and physical sessions.

Honoring the diversity and creativity of the city.

  • Diverse elements of the local culture.
  • The story and culture of Bağdat Street.
  • Collective memories built by sensorial experiences.


Tech for Good

Calling out novel practices in tech, and the positive social impact it can create.

  • Spotlighting creatives working on sustainable futures.
  • Conscious of democratizing access to technology and its social implications.