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Transform Sounds into Music

Ah! Kosmos
Creative Fluidity

Thursday November 25
19:00 – 20:30

Past Event

Make music with Ah! Kosmos, who produces performative works based on spatial sounds. Listen to Başak while she talks about her creative process and the methods she uses to make music. Open GarageBand on a Mac, record spatial sounds, and mix them to tell a story with sounds. Make your sound/voice heard within the soundscape which will be made with the contribution of all the beats created by everyone.

Moderator: Yalçın Pembecioğlu

Ah! Kosmos

Musician, Producer

Musician, producer, and explorer of mediums of sound, Istanbul-born Başak Günak is known as Ah! Kosmos within the electronic music scene. In addition to composing under the name of Ah! Kosmos, Günak designs sound for various locations as well as for theatre, contemporary dance, and visual art projects. The artist’s work has been presented in several international festivals and organizations such as at the Barbican Theatre, Berlin CTM, Sónar Festival, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, and Prague Quadrennial. In 2020, the sound installation she created for 11 speakers was exhibited at Arter. In recent years, some of her compositions have been presented at Berlin Government Museums and Kunstmueseum Basel.

“In addition to the compositions I produce under the name of Ah! Kosmos and the sound experiments I conduct as an artist working on sound; I design sound spaces and perform site-specific performances for theatre, contemporary dance, film and visual art projects.”

Yalçın Pembecioğlu

Art and Design Editor