Online Studio

Constellation Calligraphy

Memed Erdener
Creative Fluidity

Thursday 14 November
19:00 – 20:30

Past Event

During the session with Memed Erdener (aka. Extramücadele), play with words, change them, bend them and combine them using Procreate on iPad. Forget all you know about calligraphy. Inspired by Picasso’s Constellation Series, explore how a letter as a design element can be taken out of its own form, come together with other letters, and turn into an artwork in itself.

Moderator: Tuğçe Akbulut

Memed Erdener

Contemporary Artist

Memed Erdener was born in Istanbul. He understood that his life was going to be filled with illustrations during his time working in the weekly humor magazine Deli. He was introduced to local art techniques in the collective Hafriyat. All his work has been presented under his artist name ‘Extramücadele’ in various exhibitions and magazines. He is currently continuing to produce work whilst being represented by the Zilberman Gallery.

“I look for the subject that I will attend on in books and on the streets. When I find it, I transform it into an aesthetic form by drawing, painting or sculpture.”

Tuğçe Akbulut

Impact Focused Designer