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Journey to Publish a Podcast

Esmiyor Podcast
Creative Fluidity

Saturday November 13
13:00 – 15:00
Apple Bağdat Caddesi

Past Event

Meet Derin Altan and Utku Güven, the duo behind the climate change Podcast series Esmiyor, and hear from them about their journey. In this session where you’ll go through all the steps towards making your own Podcast, learn to turn your ideas into content and prepare them for broadcast. Record on GarageBand via an iPad, edit your recordings and make your voice heard to the world.

Moderator: Yalçın Pembecioğlu

Esmiyor Podcast

Podcast Producers

Esmiyor is a 30 minutes podcast series that discusses the climate crisis. Every week, they come together to discuss the climate crisis from different perspectives with various experts.

Derin Altan

Derin Altan founded Esmiyor Podcast in 2020 with Utku Güven. Altan has been working professionally for the past 15 years in an international law firm as a law consultant focusing on capital markets. He completed his undergraduate in 2008 in the Department of Law at Istanbul University, and his Master’s degree in 2015 at Boğaziçi University in Economics and Finance. He is currently working on his doctorate on Climate and Earth Sciences at Istanbul Technical University.

Utku Güven

Utku Güven is one of the co-founders of Esmiyor Podcast. Having gotten an education in the fields of law and economy at Istanbul Bilgi University, Güven has been working on several local and international projects related to human rights. In addition to the climate movement, outside sports and Web 3.0 are amongst his passions.

“Our purpose is to enable our viewers and subscribers to become conscious decision-makers and consumers, and show the effect of their political, social, or consumption choices.”

Yalçın Pembecioğlu

Art and Design Editor